Bootcamp for your stuff.

File it, toss it, organize it, and SHELVE IT so you can think about more important things.


According to Freelance Folder, poor organization is one of five reasons freelancers fail.

4. Poor Organization. Being poorly organized can keep you from freelancing success. It can keep you from even starting out as a freelancer. Freelancers need to find a system to keep things straight that works for them and stick to it. Losing things and forgetting things are not good business practices. Fortunately, there are many good organizational systems out there and there’s one that’s right for you.

Karen’s Office

      Karen’s office was cluttered. Really, really cluttered. Dear Miracle Mia! I believe that to the list of quasi-religious miracles, the cleaning out of my work space deserves addition. Bob walked in after you left and was gobsmacked. Must say I am, too. Slowly throwing out more stuff, adding to the pile to be filed, still not figuring out where some…

My Oakland Closet

The organizational pride and joy of my Oakland two bedroom. It might not look like much, but there’s a lot packed into that small space – all easily reachable.